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There's a lot of talk of a Kindle Fire 10 Inch tablet coming out soon. Probably in 2012, possibly in time for Christmas. Let's look at the latest news on the upcoming 10" Kindle Fire.

So should you wait and see if there's a new larger Kindle Fire coming in time for Christmas. Or is the 7" Kindle Fire actually the better choice for you?

Find the latest news and rumors about the bigger Amazon Kindle tablet to help you decide.

Kindle Fire 10" Tablet

Amazon have announced a 7" Kindle Fire tablet to ship on November 15th 2011. But even before it was released there were rumors that Amazon is also working on a larger 10" Kindle Fire tablet. It seems quite likely that this is the case, but it's currently unknown when it will ship. Possibly early 2012 or even in time for Christmas.

The Kindle Fire 10" will be good for bigger movies and magazines:

Kindle Fire 7" or 10" Tablet?

So, should you choose a Kindle Fire 7" Tablet or wait for the (possible) 10" Tablet?

To me 7" and 10" tablets are quite different and serve different purposes so it will depend what you want to do with the tablet. Bigger is not necessarily better, but it might be for you. Some points to consider:

Portability: Yes, obviously the 7" tablet is smaller than a 10". I'd be much more likely to pop a 7" tablet into my bag when popping out to the park with my kids or to do some shopping. I'd only take a 10" tablet with me if I was sure I was going to get time to use it properly - otherwise it's not worth carrying it around.

Weight: Weight is also a concern when using the tablet, especially for reading. Holding up a larger tablet to read for long periods is not comfortable. Reading for extended periods is much more likely to be possible with a smaller tablet.

Screen size: Screen size is where a 10" Kindle Fire would be very nice. Watching movies is better on a larger screen, You can browse the web more easily and read detailed documents more clearly.

Features: Will a larger, more expensive Kindle fire have extra features like 3G. a camera or more storage? Possible, but we don't know yet. If you think you need a high end tablet then you might be better to wait for the Kindle Fire 10" spec.

Availability: A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush :-) For some people it will be more important to buy a tablet they know they can get their hands on and will use. Then they can think about an upgrade later. I think some households will end up with one of each for different purposes. What if you decide to wait for the 10" in the hope it is out for Christmas and it doesn't get released and the 7" Kindle Fires are out of stock? Tricky.

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7
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The Kindle Fire 7" is available for preorder now and shipping from November 15th 2011.

Kindle Fire 10" Rumors

Amazon likely to outsource 10.1-inch tablet PCs to Foxconn
Digitimes think Kindle eReader and iPad manufacturer Foxconn will be making the 10" Kindle Fire. They think they might even be ready for Christmas 2011.

Kindle Fire 10 Inch Price

How much is the 10" Kindle Fire

So what will the Kindle Fire 10 inch price be? Well the Kindle Fire 7" is $199 at lauch so it will be more than that. An iPad 2 is around $499, so Amazon will be looking to come is well below that point. I'm guessing $299 - $350. But we'll have to wait and see.

Kindle Fire 10 Inch Release Date

When will the Kindle Fire 10" be released.

When is the Kindle Fire 10 inch release date? Well we have nothing official at this point. This TechCrunch article was quite accurate about the Kindle Fire 7" and claims that Amazon plan to release the Kindle Fire 10" in 1Q 2012. Other rumors are suggesting it may be here in time for Christmas. Honestly, we have no idea!

Kindle Fire 10 Inch Spec

So what will the Kindle Fire 10 Inch spec be? Pure speculation at this point, other than a bigger screen! Amazon could add extra features like 3G, though to me 3G makes more sense for a smaller more portable tablet and the same is true for a camera. More storage is possible.

They might choose to do the same as for the 7" version and keep the extras to a minimum to focus on speed and access to media at a low price.

Which Kindle Fire is Better?

Which size of Kindle Fire do you prefer?

Latest Kindle Fire 10 Inch News

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