Freida Pinto pictures and photos

Freida Pinto pictures and photos

Freida Pinto traversed the modeling circuit in Mumbai [represented by Elite Model Management India] for two years before gaining her big break when director Danny Boyle picked her out in the audition process to play the female lead, Latika, for his latest project, Slumdog Millionaire. In a promo interview, Boyle likened spotting her to his discovery of Kelly McDonald for Trainspotting.
Surprisingly, Freida, who studied at Mumbai's St.Xaviers College, only began taking acting classes [she has done amateur theatre before] after completing her debut film - when she attended a three-month workshop by Barry John, the veteran theatre guru.
Between 2006-07, she anchored 'Full Circle', a travel show which was telecast on Zee International Asia Pacific. She went on assignments to Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Fiji among other countries.
Freida is trainedin some forms of Indian classical dance as well as Salsa.
Freida's parents are from Mangalore, a coastal town in southern India. Her father is a banker, while her mother is the principal of a High School. Her sister, Sharon, is a producer with the Indian news channel, NDTV.

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